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Please note that this site is still under heavy developement and parts are still missing!

Welcome to my site. Here i write things about everything that catches my interest or the projects I do. This includes:

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I stand for free (free as in free speech) software and try to ban all non-free software from my life. One day I hope to be A Saint in the Church of Emacs But for now, Semi-Saint will have to suffice.
This entire website is created using only free tools (GNU Emacs, Org-Mode, Lazyblorg, GNU/Linux, LetsEncrypt, Ngnix) and will never advocate the use of non-free softare.
And yes, I love GNU. Richard Stallman is the closest thing I have to a personal hero.

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Most recent articles or updates:

2019-02-06: PDF manipluation and creation software

Please note that this is not intended as a tutorial or howto on any of these programs. It's just a list of packages and some notes on them.

All packages are availiable in the fedora package repositories. Most likely also availiable in Ubuntu, Debian, Suse, Guix etc, but that is not tested by me.

I'll keep adding stuff and more information about each program.

I have deliberately neglected to add links to each project. A websearch for each name should find the project with no issues and that way there will be no dead links.

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2018-04-24: Map and CHIRP files of all repeaters in The Netherlands

Chirp bestanden en kaart van alle repeaters in Nederland.

Chirp files and map of all repeaters in The Netherlands.

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2018-04-24: Building a website using Lazyblorg

In this post I describe my ordeal to build this website.

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2018-03-08: How I became a amateur radio operator

I love anything radio. And have done so since early childhood.

I think it is a magical way of communicating. You sit there with a transmitter in the middle of nowhere and talk to people all over the world Or receive messages from weird and wonderful parts of the world. Not to mention very educational and FUN for a geek like me.

But all my life i was under the impression (mostly from my -late- father) that radio was very hard, and unachievable by 'mere mortals' So all i did with radio was limited to some license-free stuff like PMR. I did try out CB, but failed to make many contacts using it.

In the end of 2017, this all changed.

During a completely unrelated event, I met a ham that happened to give ham radio license courses. So one thing lead to the other, I enrolled for the course and passed my full-license exam a few months later. In the weeks following that I had a lot of fun using the local repeaters and building my own radio to get on HF.

More HF fun is certainly going to follow.

2018-03-05: (dutch) F-Examen studiehulp

Omdat het voor mij een goede manier is om te leren heb ik een samenvatting geschreven van de onderdelen van het examen die ik opvallend of lastig vond. Later heb ik deze uitgebreid om ook een aantal extra punten te bevatten en hem gepubliceerd onder het FDL zodat meer mensen hier baat bij hebben.

Dit document valt onder het GNU Free Documentation Licence en beschikbaar in PDF, HTML en in org-mode bron:

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